Performance Management

Performance Management - Bridging the gap between where you are and where you ought to be.

As resource levels decrease and the demand for services increase, the ability to secure funding for mission essential projects will undoubtedly be tied to program performance. Although many programs throughout the public sector have embraced a result-oriented philosophy, too few have realized the full potential of their "management of results" initiatives. In today's competitive climate, where programs are competing for a limited pool of resources, organizations can hardly afford to ignore the improved customer service and cost reductions associated with smart Performance Management.

At TeleSolv Consulting, we have the expertise and the experience to create a comprehensive Performance Management approach for your organization... Let's accelerate.

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Performance Management Solutions

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps

Performance management requires that decision makers have ready access to reliable performance data. The implementation of a digital dashboard will ensure that your organization's performance managers have real-time access to the most up-to-date data. TeleSolv Consulting has the expertise required to assist your organization with all phases of dashboard development and implementation including: data readiness assessments, data deficiencies correction, business process adjustments, metric identification, digital dashboard selection, and personnel training.

Quality Management

Processes to control the quality of the services you provide should be a critical component of your overall performance management plan. Whether you are an organization in the private or public sector the cost of failing to exceed your customer's expectations can be enormous. TeleSolv Consulting's Quality Management Consultants have experience developing and implementing Quality Management programs in organizations ranging from the Department of Homeland Security to pharmaceutical companies.

Business Process Reengineering

Even the best employees require well-developed processes to be effective. Repeated-subpar outcomes, supported by performance data, may indicate a significant flaw in your business processes. Whether the performance gap is operational, financial, or service oriented, TeleSolv Consulting's Performance Management Consultants can assist you with a thorough assessment and redesign of your business processes. Our consultants have experience with all phases of the reengineering process including: planning, "as is" assessments, "to be" recommendations, implementation, and post reengineering monitoring.