Our Work

We work closely with our clients to gain deep insight into their businesses. By listening carefully to our clients, we can study client firms to fully understand organizational issues, objectives, opportunities, strengths and vulnerabilities, and learn about their challenges and issues. Our clients then receive specific advice to support/improve business processes.

We are dedicated to improving performance through benchmarking, networking, and leading practice. In combination with sharing our findings with clients in an effort to improve business processes, we seek to identify issues before they become problems.

We combine fresh thinking with our proven methodologies, tools and industry best practices. We assign key multi-disciplinary teams to client projects, drawing on our national network of professionals. Our clients benefit from a diversity of perspectives and skills, wherever they need them. The way we work allows our project teams to swiftly respond to client challenges.

Case Study

Federal Agency Implements Performance Management System


While this agency's employees work diligently to manage immigration records, unforeseen events that impact routine operations may occur. It is critical that the agency appropriately respond to such events without disrupting normal operations.

The Challenge

The agency needs to be able to arrange and assign resources as needed to efficiently meet changing customer demands. This meant having the ability to periodically analyze operational results and electronically notify constituents upon exceptional incidents or crises.

How We Assisted

TeleSolv implemented a custom solution that aligned operations to strategy. Operational data is now collected automatically and decision makers are able obtain critical information regarding organization performance at an instant.

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