In the competitive, fast-moving business world no single company can provide everything. Partnership and collaboration are necessary for success.

TeleSolv Consulting can help companies to choose the right partners and also to manage the collaborative environment successfully. We have forged close relationships with some of the most important technology vendors in business. This ensures that our clients get the most advanced technological resources on demand. In addition, this ensures that TeleSolv participates in the development of the technology itself, helping to keep it closely aligned with the real-world business issues our clients face.

Maximizing collaboration means managing the disparate teams effectively. TeleSolv has over five years of experience in managing global teams, and one of our core competencies is maximizing the value of collaboration for our clients.

Alliance Partners


TeleSolv maintains a five-year partnership with Cognos with a number of Cognos Metrics Manager (CMM) implementations in the federal government. TeleSolv has seasoned Balanced Scorecard practitioners who have successfully implemented CMM. Visit the main Cognos page to learn more about Cognos scorecarding and business intelligence tools.


We have a solid relationship with Oracle providing clients with enterprise solutions. We have used Oracle databases in conjunction with CMM implementations.


TeleSolv leverages a number of Microsoft products in supporting our clients. Our practitioners are experienced with Microsoft applications and deliver solutions using them.