Our Values

TeleSolv Consulting is governed by a set of strong core values, which guide our management practices and decisions.

These values are fundamental to our ability to succeed in diverse client environments, industries, and business functions. We consider them to be fundamental statements about our consultants and organization.

TeleSolv Consulting's core values commit us to the highest levels of ethics, integrity and quality. To help reinforce and sustain the behaviors that reflect these core values, we have developed ethics and compliance policies including a set of service principles. These policies and principles are the standards of ethical and professional behavior our consultants work by. In every instance, this ethical orientation guides TeleSolv's consultants to act with honesty and integrity - doing not only what is legal, but also what is right.

Our Commitment

In the spirit of our shared values, TeleSolv Consulting is strongly committed to social responsibility. Social responsibility makes good business sense. We have a positive influence on our business and social communities by conducting business in an ethical manner and by engaging in projects and partnerships with local and regional organizations for the benefit of society and our stakeholders.

We strive to exceed the values espoused in all interactions with the marketplace, people, communities, and through our commitments.